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      Day of the Obscure 2003
      Thursday, March 20, 2003
     Sense the Power!

What is Day of the Obscure?

L Day of the Obscure condemns the depressing hero-worship of unreachable paragons like Martin Luther King and George Washington.   We will never be like them; why celebrate only the famous?  No more fireworks and Presidential Declarations.

K Day of the Obscure is the Holiday for Normal, Obscure People.  It's celebrated on the third Tuesday or Wednesday of March by doing or visiting something obscure (which you can read more about in the FAQ).

J Day of the Obscure celebrates the lesser-known, the hard-to-find, the Obscure.  Face it, you're never going to be famous.  Why fret about it?  Celebrate people like yourself, who didn't amount to much.

Learn More:

where to go and why to go there
D.O.T.O.F.A.O.Q. to read our frequently asked obscure questions, including the very popular list of Day of the Obscure Slogans, pilgrimages, and so forth.
Day of the Obscure Photo Album to gain inspiration from the hajj's of yesteryear
Official Thangs Page to learn about official thangs to get a sense of the vibe, man.
Email the Consortium to submit thangs, send us parsely, discover more.


Day of the Obscure:
The Holiday for Most of Us.


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