Days of Obscure Past:
-A photographic journal of Obscurity-

Day of the Obscure is not just a time for sensing the irresolvable obscurity of our measly selves.  
It's also a time for barbecues, fish-fries, and trips to all and sundry places.
Here are some of our memories for you to share.
( 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 )

Day of the Obscure 1992 ("Taste the Excitement")

1992 was our first transcontinental Day of the Obscure, celebrated in both England and the United States.  Now, of course, DOTO is routinely celebrated on at least three continents at a time.

Day of the Obscure 1993  ("Seize the Moment")

Day of the Obscure 1993 was marked by a series of joint festivities and commemorative fish fry in our nation's capital, surely among the least obscure places on the planet.  For that reason, no pictures are available.

Day of the Obscure 1994  ("Touch the Spirit")

1994 was a banner year for obscurity.  First, we visited the Israeli Wax Museum at the ground floor of Tel Aviv's "Empire State Building," the Shalom Tower.  Here is DOTO Consortium affiliate Robert B. enjoying a quiet moment at said Wax Museum. The people in front of Versailles are a bearded US President Bill Clinton and the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Robert is on the left.

After the wax museum, we repaired to a Black Hebrew restaurant and sampled their hypervegan cuisine, and visited  Ludwig Zamenhof street in Tel Aviv, Israel, the street named after the polish oculist who invented Esperanto. Mmm... Esperanto.  And then it was off on the Train to Ramle!

Day of the Obscure 1995  ("Follow the Dream")
Not a lot happened this year, cause I was stuck in law school.

Day of the Obscure 1996  ("Feel the Magic")

This year was another biggie.  Members of the Consortium went to Atlantic City to participate in the Jeopardy! contestants' search, in the world's first anironic Day of the Obscure celebration. We tried to face up to our obscurity, and wrestle with it, goddammit, until the fucker got pummelled. As it turned out, none of us could identify George C. Wallace's Middle name. (That was a real question -- the answer was "Cumberland.")

Also in 1996, we passed by Cheesequake!

Also in 1996, celebrants went go watch elephants parade down New York city streets at the close of Day of the Obscure. (Yes, it really happened.)

Day of the Obscure 1997  ("Heed the Call")

Once again, the mediocrity and conformity of law school squashed Day of the Obscure like so much epistemological roadkill.  On the road of life, there are drivers and there are lawyers.

Day of the Obscure 1998  ("See the Light")

At left is a shrine to Herz Franck created for Day of the Obscure 1998. Herz makes documentaries.

This Day of the Obscure was also commemorated by a wonderful trip to the Jerusalem Tax Museum.  Visit the obscure tax museum's website; it's full of delights.

Day of the Obscure 1999  ("Ride the Wave")

This year, intrepid DOTO explorers visited and dedicated the Isthmus of Obscurity (click either image for larger size) in Vieques, Puerto Rico. This was well before Vieques became semi-famous for its naval base. The isthmus was re-visited by DOTOphiles in the summer of 2002, who reported that it is still intact.

Day of the Obscure 2000  ("Selah")

Ironically, this was among the most photogenic of DOTOs, as a trio of obscurantists trekked to the Point D'Obscurite near Cabarete, D.R.  And yet, I haven't scanned the pictures yet. 

Day of the Obscure 2001  ("Keep the Faith")

This year, while the New York contingent enjoyed Edward Albee's Play About the Baby, our Ohio division held an important meeting to replant an apple orchard near a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Oberlin, OH. The house has little ornaments that look like apples, but the people in charge still turned down the request. Thus, we planted an apple orchard in our minds.

Day of the Obscure 2002  ("Share the Vision")

Are you kidding? Pictures already? Check back in '06.

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