Official Thangs of Day of the Obscure

Day of the Obscure likes to give official status to various obscure things, people, places, even parts of speech.  Feel free to nominate something for official Obscurity, if you want.

Official Places of Day of the Obscure

Town (US) - Cheesequake, New Jersey

Town (Israel) - Kiryat Ono

Country - Achzivland

Achzivland, the official nation of Day of the Obscure, is so obscure that many countries do not even recognize its existence -- not in the diplomatic sense; they actually don't recognize Achzivland as distinct from anyplace else. But it is an independent country, as my passport attests. This is how it looked in 1993.

Museum - The Jerusalem Tax Museum

 Neil Young song - Transformer Man

 Velvet Underground song - Lonesome Cowboy Bill ("he rides the rodeo")


Beverage - Vernors & Absinthe

Cereal (1) - King Vitaman, Clown Prince Box

Cereal (2) - Crispy Hexagons

Sport - Petanque

 Criminal - Artur Virgilio Alves Reis, who convinced legitimate bank note printers that he was permitted to print bank notes for Portugal (when such was not the case). He became the richest and most powerful man in Portugal during the late twenties with his own real "counterfeit" notes.

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